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Gram #3 - Excess, 2016

Edition of 65, 20 Authors
Plastic cover, contains 17 sealed paper envelopes

Curation, Art Direction, Editorial

The topic of the third issue of Gram Publishing is EXCESS:

The amount, number, extent, or degree by which one thing exceeds another. Late XIV century, from Latin excessus "departure, going beyond the bounds of reason or beyond the subject”, from the stem of excedere "to depart, go beyond". From ex- "out" + cedere "go, yield". Related: Exceeded; exceeding. Exceedingly (late XV century), which means "very greatly or very much;" excessively (mid- XV century) means "too greatly or too much."

List of participating artists:

Alex Indra, Alfano, Andrea De Fusco, Andrea Santoro, Fabio Pante, Giacomo Cosua, Infinite, CamuffoLab, Pablo Dalas, Sam Wallman, Victor Tzanov, Mitch Leoni, Broken Fingaz, Solomostry, Dilen Tigreblu, Michele Bettio.