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Floating Flags, 2017

Floating installation: 21 Flags, 100 x 50 cm, Venice, February 2017.

Curation, Art Direction

Rampant flows of tourism, depopulation of indigenous people, uncontrolled sale of real estate, the “Mose” scandal, political corruption. Floating Flags, curated by Gram Publishing, is a project which presents a series of 21 flags designed by 21 different artists. The artworks focus on the current issues of the venetian reality. During the “Pirate Parade”, an event which took place during the Carnival of Venice, the flags have been showcased on with a floating exhibition of boats that moved along the main canals of the city. In a moment where the local identity is being lost, the revisitation and the exhibition of the flags becomes a symbol of a new urban resistance.  

List of participating artists:

Solomostry, Dilen Tigreblu, Infinite, Giorgio Bartocci, Alfano, Alberonero, Gianni Spermi, CamuffoLab, Studio Mut, Fabien Pante, Luca Loro, Nicolò De Biasio, Alberto Cucco, Lostink, Filippo Fontana, Tommywaspe, Pablo Dalas, Guerrilla SPAM, Chiara Rovescala, Vidalocal, Michele Falcone.